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PRICES good for everyone

Winter GREAT promotions


Intuitive massage £30 per hour

Classic massage £35 per hour

Sound massage with singing bowls £35 per hour

Reiki session £30 per hour

Distance Reiki Sessions £15 per half hour

Reflexology £30 per hour

Online Positive Conversations £25 per hour


Intuitive massage

1 hour - £45

Seasonal discount £30

Classic massage

1 hour - £45

Seasonal discount £35

Sound massage

1 hour - £40

Seasonal discount £35

Reiki session

1 hour - £40

Seasonal discount £30

Distance Reiki session

Half hour £25

Seasonal discount £15


1 hour - £35

Seasonal discount £30

Online Positive Conversation

1 hour - £40

Seasonal discount £25

Prices good for everyone

Please remember, I believe that we are all worth of the best. I always tries to make the best prices for everybody. Always you find great Promotion. Please Enjoy them as the gift from my Heart.

Enjoy Your Life

Life is great gift that we got. I know it is hard sometimes. But we get so many amazing tools which we can use to enjoy our life more. Gift yourself with something good, and gift others too. "The most we give, the most we receive!"

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