To make an appointment call: 07596156957

PRICES good for everyone

Each Thursday you can book your massage with Ayanna Florian in The SPA at LC2 in Swansea.

Address: LC2 Swansea, Oystermouth Road,  Swansea, SA1 3ST

Intuitive massage

1 hour - £45

Aromatouch Massage with Essential oils.

1 hour - £55

Sound massage

1 hour - £45

Reiki session

1 hour - £50

Distance Reiki session

Half hour £35


1 hour - £45
45 minutes - £35

Online Positive Conversation

1 hour - £45

Massage with passion.

I believe that we are all worth of the best. I work with passion and from my heart. All massages that I offer to you are designed to help you to feel relaxed and energized so you can enjoy yourself more and create joyfully your life.

Enjoy Your Life

Gift yourself with something good, and gift others too. "The most we give, the most we receive!"

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