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About Me

Ayanna Florian

Naturopath  –  Reiki Therapist & Teacher – Bioenergy Therapist Sound Therapist  –  Spiritual Therapist   –  Holistic Artist


I am primarily a spiritual being, woman, mother, friend and partner. I am a therapist, healer and artist since a year of 2001. I have been following the path of self-discovery for many years, on many levels of my existence, meeting and learning many different techniques in my path of spiritual development, learning to live in harmony with myself and the world around me. Life is my greatest passion and teacher. I love traveling and creative work with people. For many years I lived in a cabin in the forest, in close relationship with all the elements of nature, from which I drew great knowledge. I am a sound therapist, I have played gongs and singing bowls for many years. I am a naturopath and bioenergotherapist. I am a Reiki master. I am the artist of my life, a handicraft instructor, weaver and basket weaver. I have graduated from mindfulness courses. My painting is the art of discovering myself in the reflection of what is. Currently I am living and working in Wales. I lit to say of myself: ‘I am who I am, I am a part of everything and its fullness. I try to let the purest essence of life flow through my being. I meditate, I paint, I dance, I play, I write – I cook, I clean, I educate. I teach development techniques, which in a miraculous way help us to balance and heal the wounds of life caused, for example, by fear. I show and teach others, I inspire them, and they inspire me. That is why I am creating courses and workshops, so people can learn how to better and more happily live their lives fully, in harmony and love, as best they can, without judgment, without criticism, with acceptance and respect for themselves and others. I do my work because I truly feel that it has great power and enormous potential to create something that will strongly allow the energy of creation to flow with peace and harmony. And step by step we create better and more safe and peaceful world to live for all of us. Thank you for your love and awareness.’

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