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My Art Exhibition "Awakening from the Ashes of Violence"

This art exhibition is an important element of my personal awakening from the ashes of violence and awakening all of us as One Great Soul.

 This art exhibition is my healing process, during which with each movement of the brush, with each shade of successive interpenetrating colours, I learned myself and went deeper into myself. Pain, sadness, regret, anger, hopelessness, rage, hatred were intertwined with smile, love, joy, gratitude, respite, freedom, excitation. With every moment of crossing this road, I felt that I was dying and being reborn again. I penetrated the corners of my soul that I had been afraid to touch before, where the little girl’s pain was so loud that it woke me up through nightmares. At the same time, with each passing day, I felt more and more light, love and peace. My spiritual contact with my Higher Self, with the Great Soul of the Universe, deepened and strengthened. The voice of Sacred Love penetrated me more strongly and distinctly. Now there is no turning back, now I have to live like this, and be who I was allowed to be from the very beginning. My destiny is fulfilled. Now I am again consciously the Light of Pure Love and I pray to be only that Light.


 This exhibition is my message to the world, to people in which I want to show them why we all suffer so much, why there is so much violence, and how to light our lives with love and make our lives better here on this beautiful planet.

 This exhibition is aimed at women, men and people of all genders, religions and ideologies. This exhibition is to inspire us to find inner desire to live better and to understand that it is really worth making even a little effort to change our reality for the better and that it is really possible.

 This exhibition is also the second part of the project I wrote in 2021 and for which I partly received an art grant from Swansea Council. In the first part of the project, I organized an intuitive soul painting workshops for women who experienced domestic violence, depression and anxiety. After several months of meetings with women and painting together, I organized an exhibition of their art paintings at Cinema & co. in Swansea. And then it was time for the second part of my project, i.e. painting my own paintings on the same subject and organizing another exhibition, this time mainly of my own arts with a combination of a message about what I do in my art work with other women.

 During time when the exhibition lasts there will be many meetings with me, mini intuitive soul painting workshops, mini workshops healing our traumas combined with meditations, positive affirmations and visualizations. There will also be sessions with shamanic drums on my Open Day event. I cordially invite you all to come and join me in this project of awaking us all from the ashes of violence. And definitely check the art exhibition Full Program :-).

I can’t wait to see you there! Thank You For Your Beautiful Being! 

Hello Beautiful People,

  I am glad that you are here and that you have decided to come and see my art exhibition.

  My name is Ayanna Florian. I like to say about myself: “I Am The Ever-Flowing Light Of Pure Love”. This affirmation helps me to realize who I am and who we all are. Every day I try to live from the level of my heart.  I try to create beautiful things for myself and for others, for us, so that this world becomes a better and more beautiful place to live for all of us, because only then we are able to be fully happy and fulfilled when we are all healed.

  I am an artist, naturopath and holistic therapist by profession. I also teach the art of healing called Reiki. I am also an artistic handicraft instructor, weaver and wicker. For a long time I have been running art workshops with people, such as painting mandalas or intuitive soul painting workshops.

  I have always loved to paint. Today art fills my life every day again, especially through working with other people during my art workshops called “Intuitive Soul Painting”.

  I am also a happy mother. My daughters are my joy in life, my flowers of life, a gift of life and a great lesson for me.

  Like most people, I have happy days in my life and I also have had many difficult and painful life’s experiences. But I try not to give up. I try to be in touch with our Higher Self, God, and the Great Spirit. I try to live in harmony with myself and with the world around me and I know that it gets better and better every day, and when I learn something, I share it with others so that they too can free themselves from their traumas and can live easier and smile more.

  If you would like to know more about me, please visit my website

  I wish you beautiful life and a pleasant viewing of our exhibition,

  With love,

  Ayanna Florian

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