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Our next eco-meeting is on 2nd of February 2023,
Thursday, at 6PM in Cinema&Co, in SWANSEA.


This month we have a very special guest, her name is Maggie and she creates the Incredible Seed Library project! 

During our meeting she will tell us more about it! I really can’t wait for that!

Maggie is offering to people free seeds and if you would like you are so welcome to order the seeds and she can bring them for you to our meeting! 

The seeds are FREE 🙂 , but we will ask you for a donation from your heart to cover the costs of patrol. Thank You!

Please visit her website where you need to go to the shop section and you can see so many seeds to choose. 

Choose your seeds and let us now which one you would like and Maggie will bring them for you on our meeting on the 2nd of February! Amazing!


Dear beautiful people, from my heart I would love to invite you to our eco meetings. We meet every month in Cinema & Co. in Swansea to talk about the way and possibilities to create a new Eco-village
or an Eco-community. There is so many people who feel in their hearts that it is time now to do that important changes in their life and move somewhere where they could live closer to the mother earth, create the gardens and new beautiful communities with people who wants to live healthy life, eat healthy food, create healthy and harmonious repartitions. And here we are, we are meeting to start up to create new beautiful place with beautiful people who are rising up their awareness every day and higher their vibrations to make our beautiful planet better place to live for all of us.
On our meetings we have some amazing guests , who have already created they lives in and eco way. So we can listen to them, learn from them, and get an advice how to create it.
So if your heart whispers to you that it is so important for you to meet with us 🙂 then please come and join us, talk with us, share with us your experience, tell us what are your dreams.
The meetings are free, but you are welcome to do a donation to cover the costs of organizing the meetings. If you wish to support us , you can send some money by PayPal : or just share with us some money on our meetings. Thank you so much and see you there! Have amazing day! 🥰

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